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Mike Beedell


Mike Beedell is a passionate explorer, polar photographer, conservationist & guide.   His work has been featured in some of the world's finest & most prominent magazines including National Geographic, Audubon, Geo, Time, Canadian Geographic & Equinox. Mike's photography has been exhibited internationally at World Expos, Olympic Games and at the United Nations.   He is the author/photographer of the Canadian bestseller "The Magnetic North". His interest in historical journeys and the Canadian landscape have led him to undertake several epic adventures including a 4 month 3,000 km dogsled journey and the first, solely sail powered transit of the Northwest Passage (4,000 km). Mike has logged tens of thousands of kilometers by canoe kayak and ski over his 35 year career.   One of Mike's greatest joys is introducing photographers & adventurous folk to the Polar World and it's fascinating creatures. Mike has spent many months observing and photographing Nanuq - the Ice Bear over his 35 career in the Arctic.
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