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Mario Cyr


Mario was born in the picturesque Magdalen Islands, where islanders have always found subsistence and values from the sea. He was only 12 when he chose to glide beneath the surface of the ocean, preferring its secrets to what the land and its certainties could offer. In 1977, his passion for marine diving naturally became a career. He soon became one of the few worldly renowned cold water divers, marine photographers, and filmmakers. His experience and talent expressed through leading technology have been an important factor in sharing his knowledge of the underwater world and his concerns for the marine ecology. Mario Cyr has collaborated in more than 130 documentary productions from all over the world. Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and the BBC have mandated him on many productions. His niche is cold water diving, which has led him to be Chief of Diving Operations on the renowned research mission « Mission Antarctique », aboard the Sedna IV, in which he was cameraman for all the mission’s projects. Mario Cyr is in demand for sharing his expertise and knowledge of Arctic and Antarctic underwater worlds, missions, and concerns for the ecology through conferences and media appearances during which he leaves no one indifferent.
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