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Louise Murray


Louise is a highly experienced guide and a trained biologist specializing in Arctic wildlife, with specific expertise in the environmental issues unique to the region. She has travelled to Svalbard several times, to the rarely visited Franz Josef land in Russia, to northern Greenland, and extensively throughout Nunavut. Louise has led upwards of 20 Arctic Kingdom expeditions, mainly on Baffin Island and in the High Arctic. In Greenland she has worked on SIRIUS dog-sledding patrol projects, covering much of Greenland's western region. Her adventure guiding specialities diving, photography and advance scouting. Louise is a commercial diver with over twenty years of diving under her belt. She's led ice-diving expeditions to Franz Josef land in Russia in 2003 and Lancaster Sound, Nunavut several times. Based in London, Louise has a passion for natural history and has worked worldwide as a photojournalist for the last twenty years. Louise was asked to help arrange Prince William's gap year and spent 3 weeks in the Indian Ocean with England's future king. Her Arctic photography has been exhibited many times in the UK notably at the Scott Polar Research Institute, and currently at the Lacock Photography gallery. She writes on science and conservation for The Times, the Guardian, Geographical, BBC Wildlife and Focus among others in the UK and Europe, and as far afield as China. Louise is one of the most experienced still photographers specializing in the high Arctic and can offer advice and recommendations to photographers both before and during expeditions.

by Louise Murray
Dive - February
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Death on the Ice
by Louise Murray
BBC Wildlife Magazine - Dec
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