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Françoise Gervais


Polar Guide, Wildlife and Nature Photographer, Adventurer, Conservationist, MI’14, The Explorers Club The spirit of adventure has taken Françoise Gervais to some of the most remote and challenging places on earth. Most people come to the arctic by plane or boat but not Françoise. She snorkeled and scuba dived as part of an Arctic expedition in Labrador, Baffin Island and Greenland. Françoise has participated in a number of oceanographic expeditions where she studied hydrothermal vents, submarine canyons and deep-sea species. As an environmental advocate, she spent the early years of her career creating natural reserves for waterfowl. She loves sharing her passion for the wild places and their inhabitants through her award-winning photography. Francoise will always seek to answer your call for adventure by bringing you closer to the magic of the earth’s last great wilderness.
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