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Cecilia Vanman


Cecilia Vanman is a highly accomplished nature guide and marine mammal biologist with a wide range of research and science communication experience. She has worked mainly in Greenland, Denmark, Norway and Germany since graduating with an Overall Distinction from her MSc in Marine Mammal Science in 2005. Cecilia is also a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to a wide range of magazines. Her coverage includes natural history filmmaking and survival skills in the High Arctic, Danish Navy Seals, Danish Helicopter Rescue Service and Danish elite unit Sirius Sledge Patrol in NE Greenland. These journalistic endeavours have given her the skills to dive into many different environments easily – a strong suit for ship and project based work. Cecilia has extensive Arctic experience as a nature guide and marine mammal scientist, specifically in coastal Greenland, and has gained strong contacts in many Greenlandic communities. Among her most notable Arctic projects is working with Disney Nature on the film "Oceans". She has worked with killer whales and pilot whales in Northern Norway, fin whales, bottlenose whales, porpoises, humpback whales and other species in Greenland (both on the east and west coasts) and walruses, bowhead whales, beluga whales and narwhals in Canada’s High Arctic. Cecilia is very familiar with the identification and ecology of Arctic bird species as well as Greenlandic history and culture. In all these subjects Cecilia has vast experience giving informative, entertaining presentations to people of all ages and backgrounds. Cecilia is an organized, service-minded and diplomatic person. In terms of Arctic guiding she has the most important quality, adaptability. She can ensure a plan is stuck to when needed but is just as capable to think on her feet and make revisions if the situation demands.

Skills and Certification

  • Languages: Fluent in Danish, Swedish, English. Conversation in Italian, Spanish, German
  • Education: MSc in Marine Mammal Science, University of Wales, UK / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, US, 2005 – Graduated with Distinction. Thesis: Marine Mammal Strandings & Oceanographic Correlations
  • Marine Mammal Observer, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, UK
  • Marine Mammal & Seabird Observer, National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark
  • HUET, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training and Off Shore Sea Safety certificate
  • Norwegian offshore medical
  • International Speedboat Certificate, Royal Yachting Association, UK
  • First Aid certificates, (PADI and British Sub Aqua Club)
  • British Sub Aqua Club Lifesaver and Assistant Diving Instructor, PADI Dive master.
  • Member of the Marine Mammal Observers Association
  • Member of the Adventurers Club, Denmark

Pa eventyr i Polarhavet
by Cecilia Vanman
Pleasure (Danish)
January 2009

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