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Arctic Kingdom's animal adventures bring our expedition members to the best arctic wildlife viewing locations in the world. The animals of the arctic can be elusive and we pride ourselves on our ability to select locations and provide the means to spend time in some of the most prolific areas of the arctic where we can enjoy spending time among the animals in their natural habitat. We select our expedition dates to coincide with both the greatest concentrations of animals and the best visibility and weather conditions. Our expedition participants are universally enthusiastic supporters of wildlife and travel from all over the world to see, photograph and occasionally interact with the arctic animals. The animals of the arctic, especially the whales, can be extremely inquisitive, curious and playful and our encounters are always enjoyed on their terms and by their approach. Other animals, such as polar bears, may approach our camps or we may come across in the course of our travels. We have developed different techniques for approaching and photographing each of the different species of arctic animals and we have adopted a guiding series of conservation principles that we adhere to. The following list of not-for-profit organizations are working on behalf of saving our oceans and protecting the animals that we come to admire. We hope that both our expedition members, fortunate enough to see many of the animals, and the public may contribute towards the charity of their choice to help protect the arctic environment, the ocean, the animals and the peoples who call the arctic home.


Canadian Wildlife Foundation World Wildlife Fund Canada Oceans North Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat
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