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Our Nunavut Polar Bear Travel Log

December 6th, 2011 | By | Filed in Client Reports

We love receiving emails or letters from  guests as it makes all the effort that we put into making your Arctic wildlife  experience the best it can be all the more worthwhile.  The amazing email below came in from one of our guests on the Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari and Terry gave us permission to share her email for all to see. From all of us at Arctic Kingdom...thank you Terry for sharing your heartwarming reflection of your trip with us! ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Good Morning to Graham of Arctic Kingdom, Looking at the photographs... put me in the mood to finally type this travel log up.   The truth is, this is something I'm still extremely emotional about .... I truly left my heart in Nunavut... I hope you all enjoy my view of this trip - even if it's just a smidgen of how incredible it actually was.     Polar Bear hugs to you all .... Terry F. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Nunavut experience… It was my idea to go and see the Polar Bears.  But so much these days depends on timing – and worried that nature might not correspond with our travel arrangements, I asked our travel agent for the ‘full’ Polar Bear experience.   She had already booked us into Churchill, and now she came back with a trip to Arviat, Nunavut.   We jumped on it.   Now we felt we had covered enough ground, all we needed was luck on our side to see the great white Polar Bears of the North [with Arctic Kingdom]. The single turbo Otter trip from Churchill to Nunavut was thrilling, and already, I felt the trip had paid for itself. Little did I know, it was all going to be so much more … much more than I ever expected. Our Nunavut camp was based by the Ocean shore, where we had a complete view of the ‘slush’, the jigsaw pieces of ice that would eventually join together and freeze up that part of the ocean.   The camp is rugged, like the terrain it lies on – but you have all the comforts and amenities you’d expect for a unique True North Safari. We went to Nunavut to see Polar Bears, but ended up falling in love with the Tundra as well.   The ice formations of the Tundra were so diverse and beautiful.  We ate icy cold berries that hugged the Tundra, discovered mushrooms in the middle of ice fields, heard the eerie sound of whipping winds grazing the Tundra, and when the sun came out, you were standing in a field of dazzling diamond sparkles in the snow.  Nunavut is a place that takes your heart easily.   It demands respect, this unforgiving, harsh land …. And yet … it’s so incredibly inviting, so heartbreakingly beautiful.   There wasn’t a day that went by where we didn’t see a Polar Bear.   These magnificent creatures, in their territory, in the stillness of the Tundra.  The fact that your standing there, on the Tundra, and a Polar Bear and her cub are pacing, slowly, gently up and down from about 20 feet from you - you can’t come to terms with what you’re seeing – it’s exciting down to the fingertips.  And then you notice that the mother bear is sporting a huge ice crystal on her front leg that gleams in the light like a huge rhinestone adornment.   A perfect coca-cola bear, dressed for the occasion, with her young one always close to her.   Ohhhhh, it’s not something you can catch on video or camera like the eye sees it.    It’s something that notches into your heart, along with the Tundra itself. The Polar Bears aren’t the only white creatures of this utterly extreme world.   We also saw the quirky Ptarmigan, the sweet Arctic Hare, the shy Arctic Fox and the regal Snowy Owl …. All white inhabitants of this desolate and magical land. All the while, we’re listening to the low, rhythmic voice of our Inuit guide as he’s telling you stories of his grandparents adventures while giving you tips on what and what not to do on our daily walks.   While we eat a hot meal and discuss the day’s events with each other, another Inuit guide watches from the rooftops for incoming Polar Bears, because this is a land without time and anything can happen.  To complete our Nunavut family, there was our cheerful chef and our amicable expedition leader.   Our chef delighted everyone with ready smiles, eye appealing dinners and he always had the number one ingredient to every morning kitchen … ready, hot coffee !    Always in charge, our expedition leader made sure everything ran smoothly, we were safe, and where possible, individual needs were met e.g. a Polar Bear Dip ? We’ve been home for a few weeks now.   We live in a sea-side town that’s as cute as cute gets …. But still, in my heart of hearts, I’m longing for Nunavut …. That far away place, so open, so barren, so …. inviting. Polar Bear Hugs from Terry and Carl F., Vancouver Island, Canada


December 6th, 2011 | By | Filed in AK NEWS, AK PRODUCTS & SERVICES, Gear

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